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CardioPulse allows your hospital to capture real time results for better patient care.

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The CardioPulse non-invasive software suite

The CardioPulse non-invasive suite of software consists of 4 modules that can be purchased individually or as a fully integrated system, including Echo, Stress, Holter Monitor, and Nuclear Stress Tests.

Non-invasive cardiology


The CardioPulse Echo module covers noninvasive, invasive diagnostic and interventional procedures. Transthoracic Echo and Transesophageal Echo, are included procedures for noninvasive.

Echo technicians enter study information, followed by physicians who summarize the appearance of ventricles, valve structures and other pertinent coronary anatomy. A procedural report is automatically generated for review.

  • Collects and reports information for echo studies
  • Includes data elements for history, echo personnel, dimensions, chambers/vessels, valves/pericardium/masses, resting wall motion, low dose wall motion, high dose wall motion, recovery wall motion, Doppler measurements and conclusions
  • Includes standard reports such as: multiple modality echo reports, outcomes and statistical analysis capabilities. Note: Wall motion diagrams can be included in echo report or provided for patient education

Stress Test

This module collects data during a stress ECG study. It includes elements for the protocol for study, for patients who are receiving a stress test induced by exercise or stimulated by pharmacologic maneuvers.

  • Collects and reports information for stress electrocardiogram studies
  • Includes data elements for history, EKG changes, Arrhythmias, test data probability, resting wall motion, peak wall motion and conclusions
  • Includes standard multiple modality stress reports, outcomes and statistical analysis capabilities

Nuclear Cardiology Interpreter

This module is designed to report on cardiac ECT (SPECT and / or PET) nuclear patient medicine studies. This module invokes complex algorithms to help the reader perform more accurate interpretations.

  • Collects and reports information for nuclear studies
  • Includes data elements for basic nuclear procedure information including history, stress test data, EKG changes, Static Format scoring key, Cine Format scoring key and conclusions
  • Includes standard nuclear report that is ICANL/ASNC compliant, consult discharge and statistical capabilities


This module collects data from a Holter monitor study.

  • Includes data elements for general information, dominant rhythm, ventricular events, supraventricular events, ST (segment changes, depression and elevation), diary entries and progress notes
  • Includes interpretation reports, standardized and analytical reports