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The CardioPulse invasive cardiology software suite

The Invasive Cardiology Suite of software is comprised of modules for both Diagnostic Cath/PCI and EP.

The CathPCI module integrates seamlessly with the NCDR's CathPCI Registry and the EP module is integrated with the NCDR's ICD Registry. This level of integration makes submitting data to the ACC-NCDR both efficient and cost effective.

Invasive cardiology

Diagnostic Catheterization and PCI

  • Diagnostic Cath and PCI are complex and vital areas for every successful heart center program. Information and imaging are key components to this success. CardioPulse embraces this complex task by interfacing with every major hemodynamic vendor, providing informatics and imaging in one application using the INFINITT PACS solution and by collecting NCDR data for submission to the American College of Cardiology registry.
  • CardioPulse captures the entire continuum of care for a patient from Pre-Cath, Nursing Notes, Cath Diagnostic, imaging and a PCI if required. This data provides a complete snapshot for the clinical staff in order to make informed decisions for patient care.
  • Since data is captured real time a results report is immediately available for review. Physicians can electronically sign reports that are then sent to the hospital EHR for billing and documentation and to referring physicians for a status review. Overall communications are tremendously improved for the patient, clinical staff and ancillary caregivers.
  • Diagnostic Cath and PCI offer rich opportunities for analytical reporting. CardioPulse maintains a suite of standardized reports along with a robust analytical tool for custom reports.

Electrophysiology (EP)

The EP module is a dynamic software tool used to collect vital data points real time from other EP systems and via direct input during an electrophysiology study. This creates a single source for production of results and analytical reporting.

  • Immediately following the study a results report is created for sign off. This report can then be emailed or efaxed to the coding/billing department to expedite the billing process and the referring physician can have a copy of the report on his desk before the patient leaves the EP Lab. This builds better business relations within the medical community.
  • In addition each data field that was collected by CardioPulse during the EP study is now available for analytical review and outcomes reporting. Helping to establish a statistical arena for improved quality and patient care.

American College of Cardiology (ACC) Certified Data Registries

Automated procedural reporting supports as ACC-NCDR Certified Data Registries and vice versa.

Image data entry CardioPulse has been supporting ACC-NCDR data submissions since 1997 and maintains certifications with the following registries:

  • NCDR CathPCI Registry
  • NCDR ICD Registry