From the cloud to your hospital.

CardioPulse's Software as a Service delivery mechanism provides your hospital with the ease of deployment, disaster recovery, and scalability that you require.

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SaaS means zero to minimal hardware expenditure!

  • Customers can access their software from any location with an Internet connection
  • All software upgrades, maintenance, security, backups and HIPAA compliance are handled by CardioPulse technical engineers
  • Customer's protected health information is housed in an N+1 redundant server facility
  • An internet based software solution can be setup with minimal timeframe's
  • Support and end user training has never been easier, as CardioPulse support staff has immediate access to the software
  • Outsourcing IT support provides a fiscally viable solution for practices operating under tight budget constraints
Cloud-based cardiology software

HIPAA compliance equals peace of mind.

  • CardioPulse will track Notice of Privacy Practices per patient. As of April 14, 2003 all providers must distribute, to all existing patients and new patients, a notice of privacy practice.
  • CardioPulse will sign a business associate agreement with each provider to adhere to HIPAA compliancy.
  • A large area of the security portion of HIPAA requires each provider maintain a disaster recovery plan. All provider records administered by CardioPulse are delivered over multiple-redundant power supplies. Provider files are backed up each day and the back up tapes are then stored in a fireproof safe (protection up to 1 full hour in fires up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • CardioPulse provides a firewall and audit trails.
  • HIPAA requires the removal of 18 elements from a patients chart in order to submit patient information for research, marketing or fundraising. CardioPulse easily aids in the removal of this information.
  • Wireless technology and palm pilots all fall under HIPAA regulations. Our technical staff will help your hospital/practice meet compliancy for this technology by helping to setup passwords and ensuring the PHI does not become available while using wireless technology.
  • All faxing of PHI will need to meet certain standards to fall within the HIPAA guidelines. CardioPulse helps meet compliancy via fax cover sheets and audit trails.